It was a great December, a few people who I have not seen in a while, one who now lives abroad, who loves to see me in nice dresses and lingerie, the Male Chauvinist Pig came over, I don’t think he will ever learn the error of his ways, and will persist in watching videos of girls getting their bottoms caned.  Lots of strap on, one session particularly comes to mind where he was strapped down and my 12″ bad boy inserted up his no longer so tight little ass while he protested, or tried to as he loved it really.


I had a call from a wannabe financial slave this week, seriously never mention this to me as it is the kiss of death to  getting a session with me, I don’t want to rape anyone’s wallet, take part in financial blackmail or any other such nonsense.  You have been warned.


So I am looking forward to this month, as I always say I get very busy and my phone starts ringing from 7am, please call early to get the time you want, particularly during the week which is my busiest time, weekends are quieter so easier for last minute sessions.