A great week this week, someone turned up with some very large and realistic dildos from Love Honey http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=33934 I was really impressed with the quality, but he promises to bring a larger one next time, as the huge ones he bought were just to small for his greedy ass!  I did take a pic, but annoyingly I cant seem to get it off the camera, I will add it if I can get it to work.

Traffic Delays

If you want to arrange a session around the rush hour on a weekday, please be aware that there are a lot of roadworks on the M3 from the M25 to Junction 4a in both directions that make traffic terrible around that time.  I am warning people who book me to leave extra time to get to me, but most don’t realise exactly how bad it gets and still arrive late.  Please check the traffic reports before you leave and plan to allow extra time if you book me  at those times.

I don’t like people to feel rushed when I am doing a session, but sometimes I plan on going out after a session i.e. restaurant/cinema, or have something else I have to do which I cant be late for, or another session, and if someone runs late, this sometimes means I have to cut the session short, or cant do their session at all, which ends up stressing everyone out.  I allow gaps in between sessions and don’t back-back session, but if someone is too late, even with my gaps in between, it can be really awkward.  Please check traffic reports before you leave, that way everyone gets to me on time and that makes for a relaxed session.

Availability this week is as normal