I will be around all this week as normal, as usual it’s easier if you let me know first thing in the morning when you would like to come.

The penis pump arrived late last week for anyone wanting to try it, and it has been fun using it so far.

I treated myself to some lovely new lingerie from Lise Charmel  “Taj Mystery” which should arrive any day, it’s a lovely set, but the panties are rather see through, in a very classy way 🙂  I am definitely more into lingerie than PVC or latex, it’s so much more comfortable.  I am still yet to find something in PVC I really like (apart from my lovely PVC knee high boots), when you look online for PVC it’s all the same old stuff, the designs barely change over the decades, resembling the kind of outfit a 1980s heavy metal video girl would wear. Also I find it hard to find a brand that fits someone tall, all the proportions are out, and I like my clothes to fit properly.  The only thing I would really like to find are a pair of skin tight PVC trousers, of the right length,I did find a couple of shops selling them online, but they just didn’t fit right unfortunately, pity as they would look stunning.


I have had some particularly well dressed cross dressers this month, someone last night had a little nightdress on which was so nice I wanted to take it off him and keep it, and another in a very short tight bandage dress, so tarty, it showed off every bump!  Some more spankings, and over the knee spanking using my slippers.  More strap on and anal play, as well as role play sessions, that is what I like lots of variety.