I am around this weekend as normal, next week I am around most of the week, but on Tuesday 10th I am mostly booked, and only free in the late afternoon/evening.

I have had some lovely sessions this week, one including stinging nettles, which someone bought with them, I used them on him wearing latex gloves, and still got stung on the finger, it was so painful, next time I handle nettles it will be wearing marigolds.  Lots of strap-on anal sessions, electrics and CP.  Another thing I noticed this week is being based a 2 minute drive from Costco, more and more people are sessioning with me, then popping in there to do their shopping, how convenient.  It is a fantastic place, I just bought a bag of “Snappers” an American sweet, pretzel pieces covered in caramel and milk chocolate, it looks so bad for you, that I was 50/50 about buying a bag, but they are amazing, I am rationing myself to 2 pieces a day, the bag is huge, it was either a bag of those or a giant Lindt chocolate bunny


I have ordered a penis pump for use in sessions, so will post on here when it arrives 🙂 I cant wait to give it a go, the site I bought it off also does pumps for the breasts, a good way for cross dressers to get real tits!  I then googled all about it and found some amazing picture examples of the results.


I have put a link to this classic blog post below as to my same day appointment system

How I Work

I occasionally do this to explain to people why I do things the way I do, and for things to be as stress free as possible for all of us.  It would be lovely to have my diary full a month in advance, which I could easily do, but the stress of people cancelling/moving appointments around, forgetting to confirm is really not for me.


Well I am off to put my feet up for a bit now, and eat a mini lindt chocolate bunny, a lovely gift from a session today.