I would like to say a big thank you to someone, who did something very kind yesterday afternoon, and really cheered me up, one of my cats has been really ill, and you put a smile on my face, I really appreciate it.

Cats are like part of the family and I am a real softie, having 3 rescue cats, all real characters. The one that has been ill came to me as a sickly stray, at deaths door, someone had kicked him out and he had survived out in the back of my garden in the freezing cold snow.  Due to his thick fuzzy fur coat I didn’t realise he was a stray at first ,but then I managed trap him and take him in, but his health has been up and down, due to his hard start in life.

Anyway, I have had a great week, some particularly amusing sessions, with someone wearing a thong dancing to Donna Summer’s “Bad Girls” with lots of cock slapping and kicking, spanking a naughty boy over my knee with my hand, which reminds me that I really must go out and buy some new slippers to spank with.  More correction with the male chauvinist who is addicted to watching videos of girls getting their bottoms caned, so I have to spank and fuck his ass to teach him a lesson as well as use the E-stim on him.  Some face slapping, and nipple torture, which I love to do with my fingers as well as nipple clamps, the list goes on.

I do have limited availability this weekend as per my previous blog, so am taking bookings in advance from people who have seen me before for this.