IMAG0383The thong I put him in was just to small, more like a ball bra, and even then one of them was sticking out, the thong was an unworn gift to me from Ms Heels my long term maid (when she can fit me into her busy schedule anyway).  I wouldn’t wear it, so I gave it to the Male Chauvinist Pig yesterday, to teach him a lesson, and humiliate him, trouble is it just made him harder, I think I have rewired his brain in the time he has been seeing me, he was not that into spanking at first and now he can take so much that his bare bottom goes bright red.


It always amuses me and turns me on when a man comes to see me, very masculine looking, the type you would never ever think would put on a pair of ladies panties, or black lace top hold-ups, confesses to me that he wants too, or even arriving in them under their clothes to surprise me.  The best of the year so far was when someone turned up in a gorgeous lace body stocking, which then made me want to get one, but it’s so frustrating knowing that I can never find one to fit my 34inch inside leg.  Then my kinky side loves to teach them how pleasurable anal can be, if I introduce them to it the right way, making them beg me to bend them over and do it, after a slow build up.


On another point, the dreaded “Midnight Callers” have been doing the rounds this past week, if you call me at stupid o’clock because you were drunk or have a low IQ and think I work a 24 hour day, I automatically blacklist you, the only time a call at 1am is acceptable is if someone is dying!  I find it amazing how some people make it to adulthood when they’re so thick.  Which is probably why I like reading the Darwin Awards so much.