Another hard spanking session yesterday, the Male Chauvinist Pig, had a rare few days where he could be marked by the cane, something that has not happened before. He realized he needed it and totally deserved it so the plan was to give him a hard thrashing for my pleasure and his punishment and leave him with a stripey bum. I am a stickler for a good warm up when spanking, and getting the marks in a small red area on the bum, never on the legs or back, or wrapping round the hips.

I was careful that the marks would not last too long, and although I know he does not mark easily, gave him several strokes of the cane, using 3 different types. I could then see 2 bruises appear and being the cautious person I am thought that was it, the next morning he would see them, they would disappear within the next 3 days, perfect. Sadly not, he woke up this morning almost mark free!!!!!! Maybe I should have cold caned him. I suppose I should really put the blame on him as his skin seems almost unmarkable. I can go harder next time as I know he is so hard to mark, so yesterday was not the one off he thought it would be. You have to be so careful with caning as the marks from it cannot be disguised, in his case though this is no longer a worry.