Some people can be a bit vague about what they want and I often end up asking them “so what does that mean to you?” and some times I have to repeatedly as this question, to the point where I sound like a robot.

When I ask what someone wants in a session, I can get sometimes get answers such as

“I would like to be told what to do” or “order me around” 

I want general domination” or “a bit or everything”

“do anything you like I am up for anything”


So, as I want the session to go well, and not just make a wild guess, I then ask, what does that mean to you, and get you to elaborate on what you mean.  Quite often people have a specific idea, so general domination to one person means a light spanking, to another it means tied up and teased, to another some strap on.  But as I am not a mind reader I cant just make a guess.


I have had people complain they have seen another mistress who after hearing their “I am up for anything” line has done a session over and above what they could take, or done a particular activity in a session which did nothing for them, for example, putting someone in hold-ups and knickers only works if that person is into it, otherwise its a total waste of time, or being spanked and left with marks as you said you were “up for anything”.  So I have learnt to really quiz someone and make sure that I am going to do a session that fits in with what they want.


When booking any mistress, always be super clear about what you enjoy, or really hate.  I know I am meant to take control (which I do), but there is no point in me using a large dildo on you (which I enjoy) if you really dislike that particular activity, or spanking you and leaving marks if you can’t have it.  Look on the ladies website, at her list of specialities and request a session based around the things on the list you like the sound of, and be clear about you limits, and use a safe word if necessary.