I am one of those people who is on time for everything, I usually arrive early if I have an appointment and wait nearby, just to make sure I dont mess anyone around.  If I am late I get really agitated, because I hate wasting anyones time or putting them out if for some reason I cant make an appointment which is rare.  Most people who see me offer me the same respect that I offer to others.

I have written this to warn anyone coming to see me from London that due to the work going on at Waterloo station, the traffic seems to be worse than usual, probably people driving as they cant get a train.  If you are coming for a session after 5pm on a weekday from London, please allow plenty of extra time to get to me and check the traffic reports before you leave.  I have been in the unfortunate position of turning people away as I think I am fully booked, only to find that my 5 o’clock appointment has to cancel as he cant get to me due to bad traffic, or runs very late.  When you book me think of me in the same way you would if it was an appointment with your doctor, or some other professional and allow plenty of time and be on time.  Thank you.