He arrived as usual looking very masculine, then got dressed up, butt plugged with an electro plug, and pink frilly sissy panties with a hole in the back for easy access.  He had not expected it, and his cock got hard all dressed up in it, to the point where he was begging me for an orgasm within the first 30 minutes.  I didn’t let him though and made him wait the full 2 hours.  He had a lovely deep heat massage, electro play, as well as a pretty red strap on and spanking.


IMAG0385 (2)IMAG0386 (2)IMAG0391 (2)IMAG0389 (2)On another note, due to me taking a week off from the 19th-26th June the phone has totally gone mad with people trying to fit a session in just before I stop for a week, apologies to all the people calling me trying to see me and not getting an appointment.  It will go back to normal by the 27th.


I have some building materials being delivered on Friday, which should be done very quickly but as yet I dont know the exact time until I am called on the day, I will still be taking appointments.  Hopefully I will know early in the day to a time so can work around it.