P1000851Samantha turned up today, complete with her tarty black and red top holdups, with a condom tucked down one and a lipstick down the other, the same colour she used on her slutty red lips.  Red and black heels, red basque and black leather collar.  She came for a good strap on and spanking session.

She saw my picture of Ms Heels in my previous blog trying to pose like my 2015 photo gallery, and decided to try herself,  so I will do a contest to find the person who looks the best posing like me all dressed up (no faces in shots) so totally anonymous.  Winner gets a box of girly chocolates.


Early Birds – Polite Notice.

This is also on my main site under Session Etiquette at the bottom of this page  https://www.mistressrose.co.uk/bookings/

but I am posting this as a reminder.

Thankfully no one today or yesterday has done this but, I am having problems again with people turning up early, either walking on in, without calling to ask if they can come in early, or waiting outside the house in their car until their session time is due to start, someone this month did this 35 minutes before their session start time.  I have even had people call and tell me they are waiting in another road when I can clearly see their car outside my house with them on the phone!

If you run early, call when you are 5-10 minutes away to check if I am ready early, or park in a totallydifferent road, and give me a call before you walk up, please don’t turn up and wait like it’s a waiting room in the road I am in.  I have had clients mention to me that they have been put off visiting other ladies when they clock the next client waiting outside the property in their car when they are leaving, making them feel exposed and that the mistress works on a production line system, which is totally indiscreet, and the poor mistress they are seeing is probably totally unaware people are doing it, unless like me you have a clear view of the road.  As I repeat a lot, I don’t work back to back, but I still see this behaviour as a problem, and is extremely indiscreet.

If you have done this, I forgive you, just don’t do it again.