The Male Chauvenist Pig, sent me a picture of his cock crammed into a pink chastity device he got from Etsy

I would loved to have watched the struggle of fitting it all in there, he admitted he could not have done it in my presence. This week I will have to pop out and find a pair of pink panties to match his girly device, and humiliate him even more, with my tight pink “Mistress Roses Bitch” T-Shirt.  It is funny that usually the most masculine looking men want to look like sissy bitches.


I had a lovely small penis humilation session, yesterday, I never tire of those as they are such fun to do.  Someone else turned and changed into a very expensive brand new silk Diane Von Furstenburg £500 dress, making me very jealous as I love her clothes, and proceeded to get ass fucked in it, then came all over it, and then panicked as he didnt realise it was dry clean only.  Good luck with explaining that one at the dry cleaners.


People ask me what the strangest things I have been asked to do are, I must add that the person involved does not mind me blogging about this, I have his permission.  He goes to a bakers, and buys several chocolate or strawberry eclairs, then puts his cock in them and fucks them, finally making me wank him off in the last eclair, and once he has finished he eats it.  The session is always first thing, so he can buy them all in one go before the shops run out!


Anyway, thats enough blogging for today, I am off to watch more TV currently watching Riviera on Skygo, then thinking about buying Season 5 of The Americans on amazon prime, or waiting until it is on there free, several people who see me who are swapping series recommendations all the time with me (keep them coming), so many shows to watch, it’s sometimes hard to find a really good one.