I have been informed that the signal problem with the network my main phone is on is on going and there is no date as to when it will be fixed, most calls are getting through but for a period today nothing was.  Unfortunately this is now the case with my other phone which is on another network.  I have had to go and get a phone on the Orange network which apparently has no problems at the moment, and will be putting this number on the site to use if you cant get through on my main one.  Hopefully this will all be fixed soon, all due apparently to the 4g work going on on the masts.

So my 3rd phone number is 07817 518481, I am sitting here exasperated that I have had to get 3 phones on 3 different networks in order to be contactable.  Anyone having a first appointment with me and calling for my address will be ok if they are calling from a few minutes away, it only seems to be a small area that is affected, and it is intermittent.