November 30th + December 1st-6th Availability

Please call as early as you can in the day to get the time you want, my phone is on from 7am.

Monday November 30th: Free until 6.30pm

Tuesday 1st: Free until 6pm

Wednesday 2nd : Free until 6pm

Thursday 3rd: Free all day

Friday 4th: Free all day

Saturday 5th: Free until 6.30pm

Sunday 6th: Free all day


And a reminder that from the 14th-18th December I am only free during the evenings, not during the day, and in the evenings I will not have my dungeon furniture around so will only be able to offer a limited amount due to this, for more details please call me.  For all other dates in December so far, I am around as normal apart from Christmas Day and Boxing Day.


I ordered a lot of supplies on Black Friday, all the companies I buy lube/toys etc. were doing special deals, so I bought my own weight in lube, more electric butt plugs to use in sessions (for your exclusive use at £16.99 each), and a new heavier spanking paddle.