My website has been updated with my once a year photoshoot, and my new pictures taken on Tuesday are now up.  I hope you all like them.  This set was not done at my place, but anyone wanting to see the place I session in can look at the pictures from 2015.


I am around this weekend, until 8pm on Saturday 13th (normally only free until 6pm) any appointments after 7 must be with people I have seen before.  I am around all Sunday 14th as normal.  I would appreciate calls as early as possible to arrange session times for the weekend so I can plan my day.


Monday 15th Feb: Free all day

Tuesday 16th Feb: Free all day

Wednesday 17th Feb: Free all day

Thursday 18th Feb: Free all day

Friday 19th Feb: Free all day

Saturday 20th Feb: Free until 6pm

Sunday 21st Feb: Free all day