I have bought some new things for sessions this month, due to arrive in the next few days, a new cane, 2 new leather straps for sessions from Quality Control who make the highest quality equipment I have ever used, and this evening will be ordering some silicone breast forms for my crossdressers.

It was a great December, some nice sessions, then some time off, rare for me, I am one of those people who get bored if I am not doing something.  Thanks to all the people who bought me chocolates I still have lots left!  The lingerie sales online were a disaster for me this year, nothing in my size, or a bra in my size and no matching panties, I will have to wait till they all get new stock in so I can buy myself something new   even the new stock was all sold out at all the online stores I looked in, I must be a very popular size.

I have had people calling me asking if I am around this week, and they answer is yes, I am back to normal now and sessioning, so feel free to give me a call.