Well the breast forms have arrived this week, I may have to buy another bra to take them as they are F cups, great for giving my cross-dressers a more feminine figure. Thank you to the person who sent me the Lindt box of chocolates, they were absolutely delicious, I had not tried them before, the box lasted just 2 days!  Also thanks to a regular client of mine for sending me a  postcard from Jamaica telling me how hot and sunny it is there and how much you are enjoying yourself, you have succeeded in making me very jealous.

They are all predicting snow, and they annoying thing is every time I look at the weather forecast, it changes, last night there was virtually no chance, then this morning 80% chance on Sunday, then checking just now, it’s upto 17% on both Sat/Sun and 80% Monday, I like to know about things like this in advance, when a snowflake falls my phone goes dead.