Well my new cage arrived yesterday afternoon, a day early, and I am really pleased with it, even my tallest victims will easily fit on top of it.P1000364

I used it for the first time last night for an evening session and it was great, very sturdy, and for all those who like to be caged it is rather spacious.

CP & Marks

People react differently to Corporal Punishment, one person can take a lot of punishment and be virtually mark free the next day, another can have marks lasting 2 weeks from the same type of session, and it’s impossible to tell which one you are until you have had a session. I generally start with a hand spanking, then a paddle, and it that time can gauge how badly someone is going to mark from how their skin reacts.

The important thing is to be honest when you see a mistress as to if you can or cannot be marked and if so for how long.  I have lost count of the amount of people coming to see me who have seen another mistress who has marked them badly where they didn’t want to be, mostly due to poor communication, some people book me telling me they can be marked, only to turn up and admit they only meant marks lasting a few hours or a day, lucky for them I double check before the session starts. Be totally honest in the first contact, marks that last a day means in most cases just hand spanking and leather paddles.  I love it when someone can be marked because then I can use anything I like, starting with my hand, working up to my cane.

My CP sessions go from soft, to very hard, the only limit being if you start to bleed, obviously letting people bleed on my equipment is not acceptable for very obvious reasons, luckily that does not become an issue very often as a good hand spanking and paddling toughen up the skin.