Availability for the rest of May

Monday 23rd – Free all day

Tuesday 24th – Free all day

Wednesday 25th – Free all day

Thursday 26th – Free all day

Friday 27th – Free all day

Saturday 28th – Free all day

Sunday 29th – Free all day

Monday 30th – Free all day

Tuesday 31st – Free all day


As always please call as early in the day as you can to arrange an appointment, most people call me before work as it’s more convenient for them, phone is on from 7am. 


I had an amazing session this morning doing some electrics and prostate massage, I put one electrode on his cock, one on his balls, and gently turned it up, until we got to 60% on waterfall mode, I then massaged around his bum, then sliding my finger up there massaging his prostate, until after about 5 minutes, he came buckets, with no wanking whatsoever.  It really made my day as that is so rare, most people find it really pleasurable but cant quite get to a full orgasm.

Lots of nipple play again this week, I do love to do it with my fingers, or for a better grip, black latex gloves, I can then squeeze using my nails without piercing the skin, clamps are also good, but always more painful then my fingers as they grip so tightly.


An advanced warning for June – Work is being done for 6 days in the Garden of my session venue from the 19th-24th of June, possibly into the 25th.  It will not be appropriate for me to work that week due to this.  So if you are planning to see me, I wont be free on those dates.