I was thinking today of a session I do, a role play with someone I call the “Male Chauvinist Pig” what made me think of him?  Donald Trumps comments on women, honestly what he said is just like something out of my lady boss role plays where someone says something so outrageous to me I just have to discipline them.  I may have to do a new scenario based on this, the thing is, when the MCP as I call him says what he says, I end up having to electrocute his cock and balls, put him in ladies panties, then fuck him up the ass with a big dildo.


Also this advert https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHbvyZDFPwg  men in high heels and tight shorts, hmmmmmm quite fetishy, and bizarre at the same time, like a cross dressers weird dream, I honestly cant believe this is on normal TV.  I keep seeing inspiration for my sessions everywhere, I will have to find some stretchy hot pants for my sissy’s to wear with heels, and get them to dance for me.