Well after a day and a half of migraine, which I have not had in ages thank goodness, I had a fantastic long session this afternoon which really cheered me up, a long slow tease and spank.  Then I booked myself a shoot to do new pictures with a photographer in London in October, as I feel like doing another website update.  I enjoy my occasional trips in, but I couldnt believe the price of a peak travel card into London, a few pence under £40, do I get a gold plated ticket for that?,  it is only about 40 minutes to London Waterloo.  When ever I go abroad trains are so cheap.


A lovely new silk dressing gown arrives tomorrow from Lise Charmel in Dark Purple, so my silk fans with love this.  I really love the feel of silk and cashmere against my skin.  Also the latex ban has now been lifted, so I am happy to wear that and my boots as I think it is generally cool enough now.


Also, Twitter.  I have no plans at the moment to tweet, I realise I must be one of the only mistresses in the UK not to be on it, but I have a dislike for social networking, I hate drama or bickering, and thats mostly what seems to happen on it, someone says something the wrong way, and the trouble starts.  I have my blog, and I am happy with that, and will keep it this way for the time being.