So, for some reason this week I have had a sudden influx of calls from people wanting last minute late night sessions.  I have some rules put in place which I stick to and I never budge.  Anyone I have seen before, the last session is between 9-10pm, if I have not seen someone before its 8-9.  I do this for basic common sense reasons,

1\ I am an early riser, after 10pm I get really tired, and would do a rubbish session.

2\ Someone who has not seen me before trying to find my place in the dark too late at night is a bad idea, I don’t really need to go into details on that one do I?

3\ Anyone who has not seen me before who really wants a late session, starting at 9 or 10 or later, is almost always horrendously late, I think due to not having seen me before, knowing where to go, and the fact that they most people wanting those times do it last minute, having not checked where I am based, so a lack of planning.


So, if you want an evening session, please let me know in plenty of time, and remember my last session times.