I like this time of year, daffodils coming out, blossom on the trees, knowing that it’s going to get warmer.  I had a lovely week last week, some really fun sessions, I even wore my latex dress for one of them with a Batgirl mask.  Spanking was very popular last week, at one point my wrist started to ache from so much flogging, all better now though.


I started getting all kinds of weird calls last week, someone who ran a directory thought they were doing me a favor by adding one of my pictures to an escort site, taking a picture with my spanking equipment in the background chopping that out, then putting no details about what I do, and putting me down as “Rose” and not “Mistress Rose”.  It’s not the first time this has happened, some bright spark started a website took my pictures and some details without my permission, then put a premium rate number as my contact number, that would then forward inquiries to my mobile, so cheeky.  The web is the wild west sometimes, I have had my pictures used on dating sites, fetish profiles on various sites, and even ripped of and put in a magazine without asking me, I know magazines how 2004, but apparently some people do buy them.  I have even had web cam girls rip parts of my text off my website to use as advertising for their camshows!