Well it’s the last day of what I think is the coldest month of the year, next month is a good one for me, as Easter Sunday falls on March 31st (Chocofest as I like to call it)  I am not a religious person in any way, but I love all the chocolate eggs that come out and always buy my self something outrageous with ultra thick milk chocolate, lots of decadent truffles, preferably with caramel and nuts and no alcohol, I have already been looking online trying to choose, I can’t buy it too early otherwise I will just eat it all too quickly.  I recently ordered from Zotter online, they are an Austrian chocolate company who produce amazing chocolate bars, my favourite being the butter caramel one (big online order being placed next week for myself, thats one thing I love about the internet, you can buy things from abroad so easily, what amazed me even more was how cheap it was and you could track the order travelling through Austria and Germany down to the towns it was scanned through to here via the Austrian post service, puts our Post Office to shame.

I now have my new phone, apologies to anyone who called me and couldn’t get through or I could not hear properly, but all is sorted out now.

I have had quite a few people ask me about financial slavery/being my money piggy, does it exist? they see blogs and girls talking about it and dont get it.  Well you are not the only ones, neither do I!  I get approached on a monthly basis by people who want to do it, and I just think it’s silly.  Who really is going to shower me with money and gifts for nothing, the answer is no one, not that I would want them to anyway.  Most of these girls seem to end up spending hours emailing and chatting to these guys only to get nothing, or a £20 mobile phone top up for their time and trouble.   I dont entertain these people and ignore them, if anyone mentions it to me they go on my idiot list.

Anyway, I am looking forward to next month, slightly warmer weather, lots of chocolate, and more sessions.