I cant believe it is August tomorrow, Summer is going so fast.


It has been a great month session wise.  A good variety, Small penis humiliation sessions are a favorite of mine, but why do so many of you forget the small penis tax, which is  a Walnut Whip (you can get these at M&S).  To me it symbolises a teeny weeny peeny, and adds to the embarassment.  I love using the tape measure of shame and making my victim stare at it to see how truly small his peeny is.  I did a session like this yesterday, he knows how little he is and gets hard when I talk about it, I decided to send him away with a hard cock as punishment.  To all of you into this fetish, type “small penis” into the amazon search, you will be amazed at what you find! and on You Tube too.


I also enjoyed a few denial sessions, making someone go home with a hard cock, getting them right to the edge and then stopping, or even worse, ruining it.  Doing a 2 hour session then ruining the orgasm is so cruel, all that build up and a big anticlimax.


Another thing I have really loved this month is sissy play, taking a straight guy, putting him in sissy panties and holdups and training him to be a slut woman, playing him training videos during the session to retrain him into his new life and make him my fuck slut.   I do still have the maid uniforms but I admit I prefer tarty panties and holdups, its cooler in the heat, plus less session time is taking dressing up.


I have also loved being the chastity bitch, wearing keys around my neck, really amuses me.


And of course plenty of CP, using my vast collection of straps, paddles etc, people tell me there is nothing better than a red bum, with marks to look at the next day as a reminder of the session 🙂


And to the people I swap Netfix, and Amazon prime show recs with, I just binge watched “Ozark” on Netflix, which was fantastic, about a man who launders money for a Mexican drug cartel, definately worth watching.