I had someone try and book me today from a land line telephone number, and was confused as to why I would not take the booking.  If I have no mobile number, I cant call you if you are late or to see if you are still coming.  The majority of land line calls I have are from phone boxes, or numbers that are not traceable to a person, i.e. from a business or hotel with lots of people working there that goes to a main switchboard, this means if I have a problem and this person is trying to scam me the call is not traceable to a person.

I have then had people want to make their booking from a landline number, then confirm their booking and get my address from a withheld mobile number, as they don’t want me to have a mobile number for them.  My phone blocks withheld numbers automatically due to the amount of nuisance callers who call from them, and even if I turn this off and accept the call it is the perfect way for a scammer to cause trouble.

Of course scammers also use throwaway mobiles, but many are not that clever or organised, and like to hide behind withheld numbers and telephone boxes.

Initial enquiries from landlines, in most cases tend to be wind up calls, so I politely ask for people who call from them to call me on a mobile number, this means the genuine people still get to make their booking with me.

In the almost 7 years I have been doing this I have gained a lot of experience, and it’s amazing the lengths people will go to waste the time of a pro domme, most of which I will not bore you with on here.  I am very alert to all the scams/and ways people try and cause trouble for people who do what I do, so there is a method to how I work.