A great week so far, just a reminder to please call me as early as you can if you want to see me same day, the busiest time of my day is 12-2 weekdays, and 3-5 on weekends so if you want a time around then, call early.


Most of the time my telephone manner is nice and polite :), but if after someone who has claimed to have read my website keeps asking really basic questions answered on there, such as rates, how to book and working hours, I can get a bit sarcastic  and keep saying “as my website says”.  When booking any Mistress, it is best to read the site so you know exactly what she does/does not do.


I have just found a fantastic nurses/therapists dress, (not a sex shop one, a proper one) I will be ordering this week, to do themed medical examinations.  I cant do anything involving needles/sounds or any real medical procedures as I am not a qualified nurse so cant offer that for very obvious reasons, but a penis exam, with a prostate massage could be a lot of fun.