It’s funny how things can remind you of someone, I knew someone who wore a certain perfume, but used so much that even an hour after she left you could still smell it in the room, I received a letter from her the other day, and I knew as soon as I saw the handwriting it was her, but even if I hadn’t, just the smell on the envelope and letter was enough.  Why is Rose going on about this you ask, I don’t wear perfume in sessions, so you don’t end up smelling of it too, and the shower gel most people use after a session is the scent free one I provide so they don’t go home smelling of something unfamiliar, something someone at home will recognise as not theirs.  What makes me laugh sometimes is when someone uses my floral smelling shower gel I only occasionally use as I have sensitive skin, not that I mind, but why does a man want to smell of Japanese Roses!

It has been another great week, but winter really seems to be on the way now, it’s so dark in the morning, when it’s light I have a real spring in my step, but when it’s dark it makes you want to hibernate and stay in.  I bought one of the SAD light boxes last year and it really does help me get up, probably as it dazzles you with its extremely bright light, so here I am writing this nice and early before my strenuous workout.