Doing this I meet a lot of lovely people, and have a great time doing sessions, but then there is the other side, the rather odd side, in the last 2 days I have had many more odd calls than normal, a sample below.

People calling at 3am wanting sessions.

A call asking for a session, he was coming to see me from the airport, he told me he was calling from a Norwegian mobile and was here on business and wondered if I was free later that day and would call me when he knew more about times.  I put the phone down, and looked at the number, a landline from the UK, Birmingham 0121 area code.  He calls back later, telling me he was the one who called earlier who had just flew in from Sweden, am I free to do the session? He kept insisting his story was true and he was from the Sweden Norway border which is why he gets in such a muddle.

I did used to have a cross dresser call me from Birmingham, asking for appointments within the hour from a Birmingham landline number, he was by all accounts prolific and well known to do this to ladies up and down the country and never show up, when confronted with how he could get from Birmingham to here in 1 hour, he always put the phone down.

So I thought it must be a full moon, but no, that was on the 8th of October.  The thing is you can’t let things like this get to you when you do what I do, you just have to laugh.