I thought I would post a link to this post again https://www.mistressrose.co.uk/how-i-work/  having been inundated with people wanting to advance book with no deposit, this post explains my situation well.

Most people I meet and session with these days do not work 9 to 5.30, it’s a sad fact that in a lot of jobs, particularly at management level, if you need to stay late, a meeting over-runs, get called in on a planned day off, you just have to, and if you have booked a Mistress for a session, you have to cancel at short notice, which is why I do everything on the day as I understand how most workplaces work.  I have not met someone who works set hours in a very long time, they are a real rarity.  The only people who tend to be able to advance plan are retired.

It is sad that everyone has to work such long unpredictable hours in this country to survive, everything is so expensive here, especially here in the South, close to London.

I will be getting a new website in the near future, which is being designed as we speak, I am also getting some new pictures done next month so having to plan a few new outfits for that, so will be searching the web in the next few days, maybe even going out shopping in actual shops which I so rarely do, thanks to online shopping.