This week I have had 2 people ask me if they can be my personal slave, one of whom had not even met me!.  They want to spend hours/days with me doing what ever I want.  Seriously, they would be bored within 5 minutes as that would mean cleaning non stop all day, plus tending to my garden.  Also how could I session with a permanent slave about the place, who would want to be here knowing someone is fluttering around my house dressed as a maid or tied up in another room while they have paid me for a session and expect privacy.  It just would not work, also I do like to relax, and this would not be possible with someone expecting my full attention all day, supposedly serving me.  There are some things that belong in fantasy and this is one of them.

Long sessions, it does shock people when I tell them that the session they have booked is too long, and I think they should have a shorter one.  If the scenario/session you describe to me sounds like it will take 2 hours, then if you want 3 I will tell you that in my opinion that’s too long, I don’t want to drag a 2 hour session into 3 because it can ruin it, after this long as a domme I can usually judge pretty well what is a good time frame is for a session, and although extra time is more money for me, I would rather take less and do it well, than stretch it out, by doing things such as leaving someone tied up alone for 30 minutes or cage them while I go off and watch TV for a while.  I realise some people like that and do approach me wanting sessions where they are left for periods of time, but it is extremely rare anyone really want this, I am talking 2-3 times a year.  Most people want my undivided attention at all times.

What a lovely week it has been so far, I managed to get a bit of time outside again yesterday, make the most of it though, apparently it starts to get colder at the end of the week 🙁