A nice session yesterday, in my skin tight gym leggings I made him kiss my ass, bury his head in it and kiss it, with that stretchy layer of fabric in between me and him it was so frustrating, however they showed my long legs off perfectly.  I then made him suck off my big purple dildo which he did so well, he has persuaded me to get pictures taken with me wearing my strap on which I will do next month when I do my once yearly photo update. It is really important to do it, so you all know what I look like, so once a year in February new ones are taken each and every year.  I am now putting my galleries in date order so it’s clear when they were taken, and the main ones on the site pages are always the current years pics.


An interesting article here     http://www.buzzfeed.com/jimwaterson/poppersplaining#.ixWKWwNkn 

on Poppers.

All to do with the ban on legal highs, it is amazing to me how many people are totally unaware this is happening this coming April.  I don’t use them myself and refuse to buy them in for clients, but can understand why people like to use them for strap on/anal to make things easier.  Hopefully this ban wont come into effect,  the problem is a law like this looks great, but all it does is put the legal highs/poppers into the hands of drug dealers who will peddle other drugs which are much more dangerous to people who never would have considered them otherwise.  Also now if you do buy off a dealer god knows what they will add to them.  It will be interesting to see what happens.