Here is my full December availability.

Due to work being done on my property, weekdays next week I am only free after 6pm

Saturday 12th: Free until 6.30pm

Sunday 13th: Free all day

Monday 14th: Free after 6pm

Tuesday 15th: Free after 6pm

Wednesday 16th:Free after 6pm

Thursday 17th: Free after 6pm

Friday 18th: Free after 6pm

Work finished so back to normal

Saturday 19th: Free all day

Sunday 20th: Free all day

Monday 21st: Free all day

Tuesday 22nd: Fully booked

Wednesday 23rd: Free all day

Thursday 24th: Free all day

Friday 25th: Not working.

Saturday 26th: Free before 12pm.

Sunday 27th: Free all day (this could change, will post more when I know)

Monday 28th: Free all day

Tuesday 29th: Free all day

Wednesday 30th: Free all day

Thursday 31: Free all day