Good news from France, they are not going to criminalise the clients of sex workers.

This is such a relief, we have MP’s wanting to try and bring this in over here, hopefully what has happened in France will make more people think about what a terrible idea it is, and how unsafe it would make the lives of anyone working in the sex industry.

Duo Requests

I have had several people contact me over the last few months asking me to do sessions with another lady, or humiliate them in front of a friend.  Sadly, although I would love to do this under current UK law having another lady working with me at my at my place constitutes a brothel, and could get me in serious trouble.  I realise lots of ladies get away with it and are willing to take a chance, but it is not something I personally want to risk.  I realise I am not an escort offering sex, but this rule still applies to me as a pro-domme.  This is why I turn all requests away.