So far I am around as normal next week, apart from Saturday 8th when I am free from 9am-10am in the morning.

It is hard to believe it is the last day of February, normally I would be dreading going out in the cold with a big scarf and gloves on, this time though I have had to take an umbrella everywhere, every time I forget it rains and I get soaked.

I am treating myself to some new underwear from my favourite brand Lise Charmel, the “Adventure Sexy” range which will come all the way from France to my door, its a lovely black embroidered satin leather, I have never seen underwear made out of that material look so classy.  I should receive it in about 10 days time 🙂  I love beautiful lingerie.

It is a pity someone out there does not make high end classy looking PVC, everything I see is the same old stuff that has been out there for years, lots of online stores sell designs that were around 10 years ago and they have not updated their designs, I get requests all the time for PVC catsuits and trousers as well, just try and find my size with a 34inch inside leg, it is mission impossible.  I don’t want to look like an extra from a 1980s rock/heavy metal video which is what I think when I see most of the outfits, oh I am being such a bitch!.  Anyway, I look forward to this month, March is when spring starts and I can hopefully look forward to warmer days, and a little less rain.