I am not a big fan of this month as it’s when the weather tends to be the worst of the year, so far so good though, there are even a few bulbs coming out in my garden.The start of this month has been really busy, I have been on the internet today ordering more things, lots of latex gloves as I get through so many, some new toys, more electrodes for my E-Stim

My new cane, strap and tawse have had lots of use and the new strap does not seem to mark so a great new toy for those who can’t have a trace of marks on them when they leave. The breast forms I bought last month work very well in the G cup bra I have bought, especially if I put a pink  T-shirt on my victim, I dressed someone up like that this week and they looked very real, and made me feel very flat chested.

I have had a few new people come and see me and say how they get scared of visiting a pro domme for the first time and find it hard to choose, which is perfectly natural, to avoid problems I recommend the following

1 Does her website look professional and does she clearly state what she will and won’t do on it?

2 Is there a phone number?, you can really get a feel for someone talking to them on the phone, you can ask questions and see if you think you will get on, if you are too scared to call then you are probably not ready to book a session and meet her in real life. It will also prove she does exist and is not a scam, but whatever you do, dont ask questions that are clearly answered on the website, I know from experience this gets really annoying.

I try and make people feel relaxed, the room is always warm enough and I carefully check what someone is into before I start the session, I never go over someone’s limits, that way we all enjoy it.  It’s all very well asking a mistress to do what ever she likes, but if that is heavy CP which will leave marks, that might not be your idea of fun, so communication is VERY important. Rose