A reminder on session etiquette as cut and paste below from my website, I am based in a detached triple glazed very discreet property on a busy access road into a town centre and station, so lots of people walking about, meaning the limited amount of clients I see does not come to anyone’s attention,  but that does not mean you should not be discreet.  I have had 2 people parking up outside and waiting 30 mins before their appointment this month.  I am lucky in that I have a good view from my upstairs window to catch people doing this, but other ladies probably are not so lucky, and don’t realize people are doing it.  Some people don’t want to park in my drive or opposite it, so want to park elsewhere, which is fine, they might be in a van/vehicle with their company logo all over it etc, but for goodness sake park where I tell you, there is a safe free car park a few minutes on foot from my place, don’t put your big vehicle blocking a driveway or an entire bit of road, yes that has happened! I have had people swear their car is parked in another road, and have seen it parked on a corner blocking someones access, pointed to it and have them remark that it’s not in my road, as it is not directly opposite my house, hmmmmm.  Their car then has to be moved.

Loud booming voices announcing that they are here Mistress Rose, from the road or my doorstep, then walking into my property for anyone walking past to overhear.  A quick google on their phone and that person can then find out what you were visiting me for, as you announced it so clearly.  Unless I buy a house in the middle of a field near nothing, this will always be a problem.  This applies to most ladies working, and in the distant past I did visit a few commercial dungeons, and it would have applied to all of those too.

Most of you reading this wont have done this and will be reading it total disbelief, but some people just are not observant, and it does not occur to them that this is really indiscreet.  If you are one of those people please stick to the rules, you will get a much better session from me if you do.

From my website

A bit of common sense really!

Don’t turn up early without letting me know in advance, sitting in your car outside my property, in my drive or anywhere in my road when you have arrived too early for your session is not discreet.  If running early, give me a call to see if I can see you early, and if I cant, only arrive in my street at your session time.  I will cancel sessions if this rule is broken, as it shows a total lack of respect, and discretion.

Don’t call me outside of your car to announce to everyone passing by that your here or greet me with Mistress Rose at the door. Although the locations I work from are all discreet and in quiet locations, it really annoys me when people do this.  Or say Hello Mistress Rose/Goodbye Mistress Rose in a loud booming voice as you come or go.