It’s the end of October already, time flies doesn’t it.  I will be posting my November availability up tomorrow, but I am around all month so far. It has been a busy month, and I have really enjoyed it.  All the usual sessions that I like, some naughty cross dressers, strap on sluts, cock and ball torture with the e-stim, humiliation, humbled by the humbler, punished for being a sexist pig, and spanked till they beg for mercy.  All good fun.

This is a copy of an old post I put up once or twice a year to explain how I work, I thought I would post a link to this post again  having been inundated with people wanting to advance book with no deposit, this post explains my situation well.

Most people I meet and session with these days do not work 9 to 5.30, it’s a sad fact that in a lot of jobs, particularly at management level, if you need to stay late, a meeting over-runs, get called in on a planned day off, you just have to, and if you have booked a Mistress for a session, you have to cancel at short notice, which is why I do everything on the day as I understand how most workplaces work.  I have not met someone who works set hours in a very long time, they are a real rarity.  The only people who tend to be able to advance plan are retired, and even then it can be difficult to sneak out.


I am around all day Saturday and some of Sunday, if you want an appointment on that day, please call early to arrange.