A very entertaining month this month, reminiscing with one person who was a fan like me of Musclemag, yes instead of reading fashion magazines as a teen, I read bodybuilding magazines, I wanted to be a muscled up amazon.  I put the training in, protein shakes etc, but never got that far, I just don’t think I am built that way, I am fit and toned, with alot of muscle from the working out I do, but not big and bulky.  I still lift weights to this day and get on my cross trainer 6 days out of 7.  However, the person who came to see me who was a fan of the magazine, didn’t use it for workout tips, more wanking over the gorgeous bikini clad women, I cant blame him really.


Lots of spanking sessions with my new equipment, I think i have got to the point now where I have everything, lots of straps, paddles, tawses in different widths and shapes, as well as canes.  I am very picky about what I use and it has to be well made, no cheap sex shop rubbish, if I am going to spank I am going to do it properly and accurately.  The feedback on my new straps and 3 tailed tawse was fantastic, and very painful.


Plenty of strap on as usual, how else do I keep my abs so rock hard! it’s a fantastic workout, and a lovely session where someone bought his own clothes, with the prettiest frilly knickers I have ever seen.  I do love it when someone turns up, normally dressed, then strips of to show some outrageously feminine underwear.  Then a lovely surprise of some Paul A Young chocolates, someone kindly bought me a box, you cant order them online and have to go to one of the shops in central London to get them so I rarely get to have them, they were amazing, I rationed myself to 3 a day (Thank you again if you are reading this).