I have ordered the E-Stim torture device for the balls today, so should be here sometime on Saturday.  I am really picky about buying anything new, as I have said before in previous blogs.   I have bought some things in the past that just gather dust and end up being expensive ornaments.

See what I have bought at this link here 🙂



January has been a great month, no snow, so hopefully that will carry on to next month, not too cold either, although reading the papers you would think differently, here in Southern England it has been really mild.  I am around all of February so far as normal.  If anyone wants to know my availability I point them to this blog as I do let people know on here if I am taking a day off.  To get the session time you want though it is always best to call early, so I can plan my day.


For Your Amusement Memorable Timewaster Calls Of The Month

So this month for some reason has had more midnight callers than usual, one of these people then called me back at a sensible hour to try and book,  I said no as I don’t see people who call me at 2am in the morning, he totally denied this and claimed that it was a company phone that he had only just got, and a colleague must have tried to book me using it at stupid o’ clock, that excuse gets about 1 out of 10, but it did make me laugh.  Then there was the financial slave, that asked me to take down his credit card details and rape his wallet, the phone went straight down on that one too.  I don’t do financial domination in any shape for form as I think its just silly, but seriously, I would be amazed if anyone takes him up on that one, credit card fraud anyone?