I have just ordered the E-Stim 2b mains adaptor, which should make the box 30% more powerful.  I have quite a few clients who are incredibly tough down there, and can quite easily get up to the highest setting with no problems, so I cant wait until it arrives and I can try it out on a willing victim, it should arrive this week.  If anyone wants to bring E-Stim compatible butt plugs to sessions feel free (quite a few people now do this) if you want me to buy one in and get it delivered to me on your behalf that is also OK.  I currently have one Veriprobe £26 (a small butt plug) in stock if anyone wants to buy it and use it in a session, as I have mentioned before you cant share these toys as they cant be covered with a condom so they are for your exclusive use only.  For skin play on the cock and balls I just use disposable electrodes.


A delivery of chocolate from Austria arrived this week, I am sitting here eating a butter caramel bar, and really trying to ration it, thank goodness for internet shopping, not only can I order all my kinky supplies in from the comfort of my own home, but my favourite chocolates from Zotter, they do a tour of their chocolate factory, which I intend to do one day, it’s my idea of heaven.