I finished a session on Friday, and was cleaning up and had gone downstairs to get something, when I came back in the room my wand vibrator was going at top speed and smelt of burning, it was definitely switched off when I left the room I would never finish a session leaving it on at full speed obviously as they are so noisy, I immediately switched it off, but was really shocked, and this is the second time I have had one do this, when I go out I always unplug them or switch off at the mains, so a warning to anyone who owns one, unplug after use.  So as the previous one died, I treated myself to a top of the range Doxy Die Cast one, which arrived this morning (the ones that had the fault were NOT made by Doxy).  It is a beauty and cant wait to use it on a willing victim.


I have been really enjoying the warm weather, but my seasonal latex clothing ban (for me anyone) starts today, too hot to wear it until the Autumn, so you will have to put up with my in my lovely lingerie, which I wear 99% of the time anyway, I have ordered 2 more Lise Charmel sets to arrive on Wednesday, which I cant wait for, and to try on.


Ms Heels popped round this week, I knew she was about to call my and pay me a visit as some lingerie arrived for her, a lovely black set and a red one, surprisingly classy, I made her dress up in it, with her maid outfit on as well and thoroughly clean the dungeon, she did a good job too, despite wearing 5 inch heels.


Almost June already, as I have put in a previous blog, due to work being done in the garden for about 6 days, I will not be around from the 19th-26th June, possibly a day earlier, but depends how it all goes.  Generally next month, apart from those dates I am around as normal.