Being discreet is really important to me as well as to most of you reading this.  I have on my website a section on it, but what happened today beats everything.  Someone recognised me on the street, followed me back, then confronted me on my driveway, to talk about sessioning, this person was not English, so perhaps didn’t realise what bad form this was but really!  I have people in the past stop me in town centres, not even ones based near me as they recognise me from my pictures, now that’s bad, but this, totally unacceptable.

I am typing this so that when this person gets home and looks up my website he realises this is out of order.  I have zero tolerance for such behaviour.  I would never approach a client in the street and say hello or do anything silly, and I expect the same in return.

I look like my pictures even with no makeup on, and sadly no mistress I have ever come across can get away with blurring her face, so it is something I have to put up with, but please if anyone does recognise me, please be discreet.