There are some of you who would like to pay a deposit to book a session in advance, but are unwilling to do it via online banking, my business bank account only allows deposits this way and not over the counter.  Deposits are always a tricky one, if you let someone pay a deposit over the counter at the bank, quite often the cashier will confirm the persons name on the account, and a lot of us for good reason don’t like giving our full name out for security reasons.  Paypal is just as bad, even if you get away with using it for “Adult” purposes which is against their terms and very risky, it gives away your real name.

From later this month I will have an easier way to do this in the form of a 360 pre paid evoucher.  You just have to go into any shop that does Paypoint, easy to spot as most corner shops and garages do it in almost every high street in the UK, and ask to buy a voucher.  Once you have bought this I can then take the voucher number off you over the phone and cash it online instantly.  This way it wont show up on your bank account and is totally discreet.  I will post on here and my website when that is all up and running, but should be in the next week or so.

Just a reminder I am around until Thursday evening this week, then I am taking 3 days off (fri/sat/sun).  I am around again from Monday 21st from 9am as usual.