I always pride myself on the fact that I run on time and I do things professionally.  If you book me from 1-2, your session will be from 1-2.  I never ask people pre-session if they can come later than the agreed time, because I have had another session I want to fit in, or someone else has run late.  If you have booked me for a set time, which fits in with your plans for the day I am not going to mess you around, unless there is a dire emergency.  I respect the time of people who see me.  I don’t work back-to-back doing conveyor belt sessions,  Instead I have generous breaks in between each session meaning I can work at a relaxed pace.

I am based a short 10 minute walk from a mainline railway station, which you would think is a big plus!

However, if I am going to be messed around, if someone is going to be really late 99% of the time they are coming by train.  Most people who run late then admit to me that they got to the station too late to get the right train, then they want me to wait around for 30+ minutes while they wait for the next train, I then get fed up that my time is being disrespected, and cant do a good session.  The average person coming by train is 30-45 minutes late, seriously!

I hate to say this but if you want to visit me and you come by train, I will not longer take the appointment unless a deposit is paid or you can drive instead.  I will make an exception for a couple of regular clients that visit me this way.  This may sound mad, but the last 5 session appointments (including one booked today) that have attempted to come by train have all been turned away, as they missed their train, despite me warning them when they booked that I cannot see them if they are late, so fair warning was given.  The great thing about the internet is that I can see if a train is late by looking online, then that’s fair enough, that can happen to anyone and you are forgiven :), but missing a train is totally different.