I love classic black patent court shoes, and have just bought a new pair with a 5 inch heel, which make me very tall and leggy.  I managed to scuff the last pair at the tip on my equipment even though I had not worn them out of the house, so I will have to be more careful with these.

2 new canes, have arrived, as well as a lovely new whip from Quality control.






Availability: I am around all next week as normal.  Also a reminder to anyone new to seeing me this is why I do most appointments same day read this classic blog post  https://www.mistressrose.co.uk/how-i-work/

I have been watching the classic “The Worm That Turned” when women rule the country and roles are reversed, by the Two Ronnies, if’s funny to watch, quite BDSM themed in so many places, especially when you see the women in their leather police uniforms, and the lovely Diana Dors as the commander of the state police.