Sorry to all those who tried calling me today and didn’t get to see me.  One of my cats had a freak accident and needed surgery, this meant removing a leg, it was heartbreaking but the only way to sort the problem out. He took a tumble when he fell of the sofa and this was the only option left open to me. Luckily he is now back home and lying on the floor still knocked out on painkillers but will hopefully be better soon.  People have assured me that cats do very well after surgery like this, and he will get around fine on 3 legs.  I took him in as a stray cat with lots of health issues, but he has been worth it, even if he does get a bit shouty at times.

The rest of the evening will involve stroking and cuddling him, and making him happy.  I am around as normal tomorrow and for the rest of the week now that this is thankfully sorted out.