I have 2 new pairs of boots, one with a 6 1/4 metal heel, and another knee high with a 5 inch heel, apologies for the “snaps” but I did not have a professional to take the pictures, but at least it shows what they look like.

I am buying a humbler, nipple pumps, and some Thai pain sticks for the nipples to arrive early this coming week (thanks to the person who recommended them to me ), it can be hard to buy new things, as the build quality these days can be terrible, for example the Hitachi magic wand mains powered vibrator lasted me about 5 years, but now they don’t sell them in the UK anymore.   I am using a different brand now and I am now on my 3rd one in 2 years, although they vibrate as well as the Hitachi, they just are not made to the same high standards.  I spent quite a bit of money this year on one piece of equipment to remain nameless, which I thought would be fantastic, only to find it as useful as a chocolate teapot.  I am really picky with quality, and if the item wont get a lot of use I wont buy it, you can end up with boxes and boxes of “stuff” which rarely get used.  I think the best equipment used in a session is a good imagination.

Also remember, as in my earlier post in June Availability, I am not around from the 21st to 28th of this month, someone did persuade me to work on the 21st, but the rest of the week I am taking off, particularly as I will have people doing work on the property,  I will be around on the 29th and 30th, but my phone will be off and not able to take calls until the evening of the 28th.