I am around all this week and weekend, and will be around all of next month as well.  October has been a busy month, but for some reason, it is always the busiest of the year.

I have done much more Corporal Punishment this month than normal, which is great as I really enjoy it, and today I received a brand new Irish School Strap from The London Tanners.  However it’s only for those amongst you who can take marks as it is rather heavy and painful. A friend made me some Sauna Whisks with birch twigs, but took the leaves off, making them into Birches, if you have a look at this link http://www.corpun.com/manx.htm they looked just like the one being held by the man in the picture, I could not stop laughing, my friend without realising it had made me a severe tool to beat someone with, and not something to use for pleasure in the sauna.  I did briefly use one of them in a session, but this type of thing is too severe for most, not to mention getting the twigs everywhere, making it a pain to clean up.

Phone signal situation is still not fixed, so if you are coming to see me please make a note of my other numbers as displayed on the website just in case you cant get through.  If the situation is not sorted out within the next 3 weeks I will have to change networks, talking to local people the problem is more widespread in this area than I originally thought.