I am around all this week as normal, but as usual please call me with plenty of notice as early as you can in the day.  I post weekly availability on here, so if you are ever wanting to check If I am around in any given week, always check the blog.  I have been posting on a weekly basis now for a long time, so its a pretty reliable way of checking my availability.


As I have written on my website, I can buy in E-Stim butt plugs at £29 and Canes to be used by you exclusively in sessions, I have just sold out of my stock, and will be getting more in, but please let me know in advance if you want this so I can tell you if I have any in and available.  I recommend canes by Quality Control as they are the best I have come across in terms of quality, please see this link.



It has been a great month, and I have met some great people, apologies to those who tried to get hold of me this weekend but I was not around for most of it as I took some time off.  Now I am looking forward to April and Easter, so off now to order a honeycomb chocolate egg.  I am around for the majority of the Easter Weekend, but will post more accurate availability later this week.